The Migrating Whales That Come to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Costa Rica is a popular destination for migratory whales. In order to survive and continue their species, these giants leave home in search of warmer waters, where they can give birth safely.

whale watching costa ricaPopulations of humpbacks come from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, from as far away as Alaska and Antarctica.

Many also come from Baja California and Chile.

Whales come from the north from December to March and from the south from July to September. 90{6ca4c55854d355fa26c14133cbbc292d3df4e1c064e6c9b8f833341750b30884} of the economy in Ballena Bay, on the Osa Peninsula, comes from whale and dolphin watching tours.

This type of tourism is great but needs to be done with responsibility. Boats should always remain on the side of the animals, never in front or behind.

There should be 100 meters between the animals and boat. You must not swim or dive near the whales.

Lastly, the longest you should stay near them is 15 minutes, and much less if the animal is alone.

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