Location: Jaco
Price: $65 to $85
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Jaco Ropes Adventure Park offers elevated obstacles through the jungle trees in beautiful Playa Jaco. We have extreme obstacles to test the skills of the athletic adrenaline junkies but don’t worry if your best days are behind you because our friendly staff will always be there to lend a helping hand and we always provide an easy way to finish the course. Upon finishing our ropes course you will walk away with a sense of achievement which will surely boost your self confidence.

Ropes Course Tour

The adventure starts by climbing the stairway to heaven to the platforms and at an average height of 23 feet under the shade of the jungle trees 12 more obstacles await. The one and only adventure zip line gives objects for you to hit making the experience interactive and fun. Surf the air, Tarzan swing and the most challenging tire pass are 3 favorites.


For the real adrenaline junkie we have this freefall adventure. Climb the ladder then work up the courage for this 40 foot drop. Freefall for 10 feet and then have the Quickjump device lower you safely to the ground.

Ceiba Rappel

Climb the ladder up this giant 140 foot ceiba tree and enjoy the amazing views. You will find it hard to believe you are only 2 minutes away from down town Jaco. Our instructors will train you how to rappel down and assist you along the way. Safety is always #1 at Jaco Ropes! Take the zip line over to the Quickjump platform and jump!